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What's it like to score the winning goal in the FA Cup Final?
How does it feel to make your first feature length film with someone else's money?
How does a 30-something factory floor sweeper become a BAFTA winning Oscar long-listed writer? How can an overweight 36 years-old non-riding desk pilot become a jockey in a year and then become the UK freediving record holder? What does a BBC Radio Four producer do next? What's it like walking to both poles alone? How would you react to being told you have two to three weeks left to live? What if you were raped at fourteen? What's it like being a world reknown Karate writer, broadcaster and instructor - and a Brother in the Order of Saint Francis? How does a person become world Judo Champion and then stay in the world's top three for twelve years? What's it like having an out of body experience just as you are about to go on at the Olympic Games? How does a person go from driving a fork-lift truck to making feature films? What's it like auditioning at RADA and Italia Conti Stage Schools? How does it feel to invest twenty years in a company which suddenly makes you redundant?
How do I begin to understand The Bhagavad Gita?
Could I serve in Afghanistan?
What's a sound bath?
Who am I?

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As hard as I try I can't think of a monument put up to the glory of someone who urged caution, but I’m willing to be corrected. If you know differently give me a call and show me where it is.
We can tear it down together