Stuart Williams - the unlimited podcast

Neil Adams MBE at The Ricoh Arena
Coventry City Football Club

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Stu x

I have 3 words for you Stuart Williams... FAB-U-LOUS!
We love it !!

Love how Stu gently encourages Neil to share his remarkable journey that teaches us the importance of Goals, sacrifice, family support, work ethic and an indomitable spirit!!

When Neil spoke of the importance of unity to create sporting success it hit home to me the importance unity plays in everyday success...

Let's all unite and use the valuable lessons we learn in the dojo to create a happier world in our everyday lives!!!

Awesome Stu, keep up the fantastic work!!

God Bless -
Chris Crossan

Stuart Williams displays a charisma and air of calm which enables him to access the very essence of his interviewee's subject matter.

The interview with Neil Adams is very easy on the eye, like watching a couple of old friends having a cup of tea -

audio podcasts with Neil and Niki below